Fire Safety & Evacuation Training Brisbane

One of the most important service that we offer clients is ensuring your staff are trained in emergency response training as the impact in a situation can be dramatically reduced when people are trained to respond quickly.

For face to face First Response (Extinguisher) Training please contact us for a booking form so we can confirm your preferred times and dates.

The occupier of the building must give general evacuation instructions to workers within two days of commencing work and then annually.

These instructions include the locations of fire safety reference points and the procedures for evacuating the building safely in the event of a fire or hazardous materials emergency.

All records of general evacuation instructions must be kept and details on the instruction records must include

  • The name of each person receiving the instruction
  • The name of the person who gave the instruction
  • The date instructions were given
  • A description of the instructions
  • These records must be retained with other documents required to be kept

First Response evacuation instruction are instructions concerning the operation of manually operated fire alarms and fire fighting equipment in the building, this must be given to staff within one month of a person commencing work in the building and repeated two yearly.

For the online portal for Fire and Evacuation Instruction please go to the link and register with Fire Training Qld, this is ideal for staff to complete at an economical choice for a workplace.

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