Fire Evacuation Plans

Every building must have a written Fire and Evacuation Plan in place.

These plans must incorporate all the requirements under the Building Fire Safety Regulation 2008 and must be in a written form which must include the following:

  • The evacuation diagram/signs of the building
  • Name and address of the building
  • Name, address, telephone and electronic contact details of the owner and occupier of the building
  • The evacuation coordination procedures for the building
  • An evacuation Coordinator is required for all buildings; this person is responsible for the evacuation procedure
  • Instructions for evacuating the building in line with the evacuation coordination procedures
  • The method of operation of fire fighting equipment and manual fire alarms in the building.
  • The procedures for giving fire and evacuation instructions to persons working in the building and ensuring the instructions are given
  • Name and contact details of the person in charge of evacuating the building (the Evacuation Coordinator)
  • The date the person became the Evacuation Coordinator
  • The name and contact details of persons responsible for carrying out the evacuation procedures
  • The date each person became responsible for carrying out the procedures
  • The names and contact details for persons responsible for giving the fire and evacuation instructions
  • Name of the person who developed, changed and reviewed the fire and evacuation plan

In instances where a number of persons fill a position across rotational shifts, QFRS will accept a position title rather than a person’s name.
For High Occupancy buildings additional requirements are needed.

Evacuation Plan
Low Occupancy  Go to Section 44 for more information.
High Occupancy Go to Section 44 for more information.

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