Fire Evacuation Diagrams

  • Every building is required to have evacuation signs/diagrams
  • An evacuation sign comprises evacuation procedures and an evacuation diagram
  • An evacuation procedure outlines the process to follow in the event of a fire or hazardous materials emergency
  • Whereas evacuation diagrams must show the following details (fire safety reference points)
    • The place that corresponds to the place where the diagram is displayed EG “You Are Here” signage
    • The Route from (you are here) to the nearest exit
    • Each Exit of the building
    • Any intercommunication devices in the common areas
    • The location of manually operated fire alarms
    • The location of any fire fighting equipment in the building
    • The designated assembly area outside the building
    • The route from each exit to the assembly area
  • Evacuation signs/diagrams must be displayed in a conspicuous position, securely attached to a wall or the internal of a door and orientated in line with the building layout
  • Evacuation signs/diagrams must be appropriately located on each evacuation route of the building
  • “Orientated” means the diagram must be understandable to a person reading the sign and the instructions must be accurate and correspond to the building layout

Evacuation Diagrams
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